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Our story

Why are we doing this?

72% of nonprofits faced disruption during COVID-19. The idea of The Supply Chain Project was born out of a passion for improving how these nonprofits impact vulnerable populations. When for-profit supply chains fail, people are inconvenienced, when non-profit supply chains fail—people die.

Corporate partnerships can help.
  • Our founding team has worked in both the corporate and non-profit arenas. We believe it is important for non-profits and corporations to collaborate and leverage their collective resources to create partnerships for positive change.
  • This type of collaboration creates sustainable supply chain networks that strengthen the bonds between local industries and at-risk communities so businesses can make a real impact on social issues that benefit all levels of society.

Bringing the Supply Chain Community together for a cause.

Today, The Supply Chain Project is a leading voice in the movement to use the power of strengthened supply chains to create positive change. Our team of experts is dedicated to finding innovative solutions to the world's most pressing challenges, and we are constantly seeking new ways to make an impact.

  • The Supply Chain Project enables innovative partnerships between non-profits, businesses, service providers, and industry professionals  that helps them drive measurable improvements. Our areas of focus spans all things supply chain and starts with  connection. As a Supply Chain community we can create greater sustainability and stronger financial health for Non Profits doing the critical work of both serving and helping to save humanity.

Delivering on a promise.

Nonprofits spend 25% of their budget on logistics

  • From the outset, our focus has been on delivering tangible results for nonprofits in need. We work closely with logistics providers and technology providers to deliver on the needs and build sustainable supply chain solutions that meet those needs. Whether it’s getting critical aid to disaster-stricken areas, improving access to essential medicines, or reducing food waste, we strive to make a real difference in the world.

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  • Benefits for Non-Profits
    • Charities and other non-profit organizations must ensure their supply chain are as efficient and effective as possible. This can be a challenge, considering the limited resources often associated with these organizations. Leveraging technology to optimize supply chain management processes can significantly improve operational performance, reducing costs and helping meet donor expectations. | join now
    • With the tools and the services that The Supply Chain Project provides, non-profits can:
      • Gain access to Logistical Support
      • Start your digital transformation
      • Improve data capture and analysis to make informed decisions
      • Automate processes for streamlined efficiency
      • Explore Best Practices for Nonprofit Supply Chains
      • Strengthen Delivery Infrastructure for Maximum Savings
  • Benefits for providers & People
    • Service Providers & Donors provide services through our marketplace to non-profits and get access to a our non-profit directory. | become a member
    • For industry professionals or students, we provide unparalleled access to information, tools, and consulting or volunteer opportunities that help refine their supply chain management techniques and cultivate expertise in the field. As a community of passionate professionals committed to driving positive change through collaboration | industry professional | student member
  • Contributing to the Cause
    • Did you know that by donating through The Supply Chain Project, you can help support a number of different non-profits?
      • We facilitate contact with different non-profits, so you can be sure that your donation will go to a cause you care about.
        Plus, you will have access to impact reports that you can customize for your CSR projects. So not only will you be helping out a worthy cause, but you'll also be able to track the impact of your donation. | contribute

The Supply Chain Project Activities


Distribution and Transportation Solutions

We help nonprofits to mobilize donations or project materials at a national and international level. With the help of our allies we can do it efficiently and at a reduced cost.

Project Management

Streamlining Missions with Efficiency

With a network of professionals in supply chain, logistics, project management and others, we help improve project management in nonprofits and charity organizations.


Bridge between technology and mission

The technology that makes large companies successful available to nonprofits. We are bridge between the knowledge generated in companies and nonprofits.


Solution Oriented Processes (SOP)

Our network of professionals and volunteers have vast experience that allows them to provide solutions that are suitable for your needs.

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The Supply Chain Project Marketplace

Discover a whole new approach to problem-solving for non-profits that can benefit from industry professionals, service providers and distribution software providers.

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