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The Supply Chain Project Activities


Distribution and Transportation Solutions

We help nonprofits to mobilize donations or project materials at a national and international level. With the help of our allies we can do it efficiently and at a reduced cost.

Project Management

Streamlining Missions with Efficiency

With a network of professionals in supply chain, logistics, project management and others, we help improve project management in nonprofits and charity organizations.


Bridge between technology and mission

The technology that makes large companies successful available to nonprofits. We are bridge between the knowledge generated in companies and nonprofits.


Solution Oriented Processes (SOP)

Our network of professionals and volunteers have vast experience that allows them to provide solutions that are suitable for your needs.

  • Avatar

    Our focus is to take the best from the for-profit supply chain world and marry it with the best of the nonprofit arena to create solutions that evens the playing field for Nonprofits. Today no NGO is too small or too big to benefit from an improved supply chain.

    Steve Robinson
    CEO and Founder
  • Avatar

    Improving and streamlining supply chain activities is critical to non-profit organizations. Simplifying work, streamlining operations, and professionalizing services allow non-profits to spend more of their scarce resources on their mission.

    Carol Wylie
    Co-Founder and COO
  • Avatar

    The TSCP team partnered with one of its portfolio companies Kountable, and found a local distributor in Rwanda. The Supply Chain Project brought together its network of global experts and logistics partners to to deliver over 9 million malaria test kits to Rwanda.

    Christopher Hale
    CEO and Founder Kountable