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What is The Supply Chain Project’s Control Tower?

The Supply Chain Project’s Intelligent Automated Control Tower provides visibility to monitor, manage, and controls decisions and execution across business workflows and across marketplace partners to optimize the entire network.

  • The Control Tower uses machine learning AI and delivers a global intelligent suite of supply chain workflow modules to engage non-profits to marketplace partners, and orchestrates companies, people and things to collaborate together in near real-time. With the development of multi-business, consumer-driven networks, advanced control towers provides real-time visibility, collaboration and powerful AI capabilities to move beyond decision-support to decision-making and autonomous control.

Key Capabilities of a Intelligent Automated Control Tower

Control towers offer considerable benefits and capabilities, from end-to-end visibility to advanced automation.

  • Here are some of the key capabilities to look for in a control tower solution:
    • End-to-end Visibility – visibility across supply chain partners, including suppliers, contract manufacturers, transportation carriers, third-party logistics.
    • Collaborative information sharing – share information and collaborate in real-time.
    • Early warning alerts and exception management – resolve supply chain disruptions before they disrupt your business.
    • Predictive and prescriptive decision-support – using predictive and prescriptive analytics.
    • Autonomous decision-making and control – take the robot out of the human and boost productivity.
    • Cognitive – the self-correcting supply chain with decision-making and machine learning.

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We help nonprofits to mobilize donations or project materials at a national and international level. With the help of our allies we can do it efficiently and at a reduced cost.

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Streamlining Missions with Efficiency

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