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Our mission

We aim to serve those that serve others.

Our mission is to provide nonprofits with access to the resources, technology, and support they need to streamline their supply chain operations and maximize their impact. 

As a marketplace, we can do the following:
  • Reduce the cost of logistics for non-profits 
  • Improve speed and reliability of distribution channels
  • Provide industry professionals with insights from the non-profits we serve

Our focus is on measurable results.

We are committed to driving meaningful and lasting change in the non-profit sector

  • This can be challenging; however, many nonprofits don't have a supply chain plan. Our resources can help you conduct a supply chain audit and build a contingency plan.
  • Considering the limited resources often associated with nonprofits.  Leveraging technology to automate and stretch critical resources is not just a good idea; it's a mandate. We can help.

Mission critical

Nonprofit organizations are essential to communities worldwide, but their lack of resources can often limit them.

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We help you Optimize supply chain logistics
  • Logistics are necessary for running a nonprofit smoothly and efficiently, yet many nonprofits struggle with common logistical problems.
  • Join our network to seek or provide help, tools, and advice from our marketplace participants.
We help you deliver optimized supply chain solutions
  • We aim to enable the development of a set of inter-operable technology standards for supply chain neural networks.
The Supply Chain Project Network Roadmap
  • We're growing our Network of Logistics Service Providers  (Asset based/3pl/4pl's) that can expose excess network capacity for support and conveyance of critical Supply Chain Moves.
  • We're creating a type of "underground railroad"  of donor and partner organizations (manufacturers, logistics service providers, farms, food processors, kitchens, hospitals, etc.) to enable the non-profit supply chain.
  • Establish the supply chain corps
    • Our goal is to recruit members from across the spectrum of industries but with a focus on food , medical equipment, Medical Supplies, Clothing, Housing, Mental Wellness, and Substance Abuse Support.
    • To include professionals from procurement, demand planning, S&OP, distribution, transportation, and logistics. 
    • We incorporate training programs to deliver and advance supply chain knowledge and capacity building for NGOs and nonprofits, focusing on train-the-trainer for knowledge transfer and scaling
  • Matching supply and demand
    • We aim to create a matching system to map specific supply chain expertise and availability with the resource needs for nonprofits and NGOs
    • To do that, we partner with the main stakeholders.  Direct stakeholders, beneficiaries, and companies providers of services.
    • We enable processes to recognize the value of corporate in-kind donations for employees. 
    • We can work with corporate resources engaged in supply chain training and help match them to volunteering opportunities within our greater Supply Chain Corps Community.
      Chain Corps membership.
  • Technology and Solutions
    • We partner with solution and technology providers to make tools and capabilities available in support of the following Non-Profit Needs
    • Digital Transformation support to help automate core operational processes such as order management, inventory management, labor management, project management
    • We also enable and automate core Logistics capabilities like Demand Management, Supply Management, Warehouse Management, and Transportation Management. | see video gallery

The Supply Chain Project Marketplace

Logistics Service Providers

reliable transportation is extremely important

We are seeking Logistics Service Providers to join our network and help transport goods for non-profits. We’re seeking an “all hands on” approach from the logistics industry to provide our non-profits support and advice on logistics issues.

Nonprofits Seeking Support

significant impact on NGOs outcomes

We help non-profit organizations to improve their processes. Our objective is that they acquire the best practices of the industry. We provide them with technology, advice and training.

Efficient Supply

bridge between business strategy

Our marketplace aims to bring together innovative technology providers and the full spectrum of product and service organizations in food systems and health care products and supplies to develop new metrics.


encourages innovation and flexibility

A supply and demand matching system where a food-insecure family or a vulnerable elderly person without any resources or mobility can indicate their needs for healthy food or basic medical supplies.

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The Supply Chain Project Marketplace

Discover a whole new approach to connecting industry professionals, logistics providers and distribution software providers with the most at-risk non-profits that need the capability to rely on their supply chain.

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