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To answer why it is important to invest in technology?

Technology can help improve the supply chain for nonprofit organizations in a number of ways:

  • Improved visibility: Technology can help improve visibility into the supply chain, allowing nonprofits to track the movement of goods and materials from supplier to recipient. This can help organizations identify bottlenecks and optimize their supply chain to reduce costs and improve efficiency.
  • Increased collaboration: Technology can facilitate collaboration among stakeholders in the supply chain, including suppliers, manufacturers, logistics providers, and recipients. This can help you and your suppliers to jointly identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiency improvements.
  • Enhanced forecasting: Technology can help organizations improve their forecasting capabilities, allowing them to predict demand for their products or services better. This can help organizations optimize their supply chain and reduce waste.
  • Improved accuracy: Technology can help organizations improve the accuracy of their supply chain data, which can reduce errors and improve efficiency.
  • Increased sustainability: Technology can help organizations implement sustainable practices in their supply chain, such as reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Improved security:Technology can help organizations improve the security of their supply chain by implementing measures such as tracking and traceability systems. Overall, technology can be a valuable tool for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of a nonprofit organization's supply chain.

Reporting in Non-profits

Are you a nonprofit looking to improve your supply chain management and reporting? Tracking the supply chain can help!

  • By monitoring the movement of goods and materials from supplier to recipient, you can:
    • Improved transparency: Tracking the supply chain can help organizations be more transparent about the origin and movement of their goods and materials. This can help organizations demonstrate the impact of their work and build trust with donors, beneficiaries, and other stakeholders.
    • Enhanced accountability: Tracking the supply chain can help organizations be more accountable for the use of resources and the impact of their work. This can help organizations demonstrate their programs' effectiveness and better meet their beneficiaries' needs.
    • Improved data quality: Tracking the supply chain can help organizations improve the quality of their data, providing more accurate and up-to-date information about the movement of goods and materials. This can help organizations make more informed decisions and improve the effectiveness of their programs.

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    • Non-Profit Work Bench
      • Kountable brings trust, transparency and end-to-end digital transformation to supply chains where local distributors and suppliers (who are often small) buy goods from global enterprise-level suppliers and supply large local buyers. | request to connect
    • Network Operations Command Center
      • Advatix is on a mission to accelerate profitable growth for businesses. They do that by bringing the latest technologies, advanced analytics and our extensive experience in transforming supply chains, logistics and fulfillment operations. We are strategists as well as your boots on the ground execution team. | read more
    • Emergency Preparedness Planner
      • TSCP Technology Group brings, emergency preparedness planners a toolkit that is needed to strengthen community resilience and significantly advance the vision of emergency management. The tool-kit helps communities seeking to ensure that other at-risk populations with access and functional needs are adequately included in emergency and disaster planning. | read more
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The Supply Chain Project Marketplace

Logistics Service Providers

reliable transportation is extremely important

We are seeking Logistics Service Providers to join our network and help transport goods for non-profits. We’re seeking an “all hands on” approach from the logistics industry to provide our non-profits support and advice on logistics issues.

Nonprofits Seeking Support

significant impact on NGOs outcomes

We help non-profit organizations to improve their processes. Our objective is that they acquire the best practices of the industry. We provide them with technology, advice and training.

Efficient Supply

bridge between business strategy

Our marketplace aims to bring together innovative technology providers and the full spectrum of product and service organizations in food systems and health care products and supplies to develop new metrics.


encourages innovation and flexibility

A supply and demand matching system where a food-insecure family or a vulnerable elderly person without any resources or mobility can indicate their needs for healthy food or basic medical supplies.

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The Supply Chain Project (SCP) Multi-Collaborative Marketplace

Did you know that by donating through The Supply Chain Project, you can help support a number of different non-profits? We facilitate contact with different non-profits, so you can be sure that your donation will go to a cause you care about. Plus, you will have access to impact reports that you can customize for your CSR projects. So not only will you be helping out a worthy cause, but you'll also be able to track the impact of your donation.

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