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Mar 29

The world wastes more than 1 billion meals every day as hundreds of millions go hungry

The world wasted 1.05 billion metric tons of food in 2022, meaning about a fifth of the food available to people was squandered by households, restaurants and other parts of the food service and retail sectors.

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Dec 04

Farms are wasting 1 billion tons of food. That’s a disaster for the climate.

About 2.5 billion metric tons of food is wasted around the world each year, roughly half of which is lost on farms including in Europe and the United States. That’s having a huge impact on the climate. Food lost on farms amounts to 1.2 billion metric tons, with a further 931 million metric tons wasted by retailers and consumers. The remainder is lost during transport, storage, manufacturing and processing.

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Mar 02

"Reducing Food Waste: The Environmental and Economic Impact"

  • Food waste is a growing problem that affects the environment, the economy, and society as a whole. By understanding the impact of food waste, we can identify solutions that can help to reduce it. By improving supply chain management, packaging and labeling, consumer education, and redirecting surplus food to those in need, we can help to reduce the amount of food that is wasted.
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