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Apr 26

The Dominican Republic Logistics Summit: A Proof of the DR’s commitment to the regional development

Last week, we had the honor of participating in the International Logistics Summit in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The summit gathered key decision-makers from various manufacturers, distributors, logistics, service providers,  and other international logistics industry participants and trade associations in the region. We were thrilled to have our executives contribute as part of a platform where presenters and panelists discussed expert perspectives on the dynamic changes occurring in the supply chain field as well as changes that are swiftly impacting the local region. Our CEO, Steve Robinson, had the privilege of being one of the main speakers and representing the industry and the people of the region who would benefit from a more connected region. In his thought-provoking speech, he highlighted the societal and geopolitical changes driving the need for nearshoring in the region. We want to emphasize the main points of his keynote to spark reflection.

Steve discussed the significant changes that have occurred in the last five years, including post-COVID challenges and wars. He positioned this as a turning point in our history and referred to the seminal written text “The Fourth Turning”  by authors Neil Howe and W. Strauss. He highlighted various signs that made this turning point real. He and other experts discussed the impact of climate change, increased geopolitical tensions in the main trading routes, and accelerated technological developments, such as Artificial Intelligence, making this time exciting yet very unpredictable. He challenged the logistics community to embrace this uncertainty and take this opportunity to innovate, as now is an excellent opportunity to get ahead of the curve. Confidently leading change means breaking the status quo and investing in new ideas for the region that improve the Dominican Republic's potential to become the leading logistics hub for the entire Western Hemisphere. In his keynote, Steve emphasized that nearshoring and friendshoring are the best decisions for North America right now. He highlighted the advantages of the Dominican Republic regarding geographic location, facilities, workforce, and the many allies that could make regional trade with the US very fruitful, productive, and profitable for all parties. Other speakers at the summit shared their success stories, supporting the experts' opinions and providing evidence that these changes will mean significant improvements for the region. It is important that the Conference includes impressive tours of the two largest ports. Steve chose the tour of the DP World Port of Caucedo. This state-of-the-art operation is a model of sophistication and efficiency. DP Worlds Dominican CEO Manuel Martinez and his team at Caucedo have realized a one-stop shop for beneficial cargo owners to drive a world-class logistics import and export capability. 

As the team of The Supply Chain Project, we are optimistic that the Dominican Republic can become the new Singapore for the Americas with the right investment. The Logistics Summit provided a great opportunity for experts to discuss critical changes in the region and offer solutions for the many challenges the supply chain industry is facing. According to Steve, the organization and professionalism of the event, along with the impressive participation by Dominican Republic’s President Luis Abinader and Vice President - Raquel Pena de Antuna, indicates that the Dominican Republic has the leadership commitment and structural readiness required to become the region's hub. We are confident that with the dedication to good causes, this effort will have a positive impact not only on industries but also on society. 

We want to express our gratitude to the organizers of the International Logistics Summit for providing us with this incredible opportunity to share our thoughts and ideas on the future of the supply chain industry in the Americas

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